Hip hop is an artistic effort to flow the madness running in Afro-American vein for years and decades. A narration of breathing in ghetto that very few have nurtured pursuit of listening before 1970 is shadow theme of today�s track lists. In 1970, amid some portion of Bronx and Brooklyn where desire of cultural revolution was supposed to be dead as dodo, Afro-American community began to shake the world bringing forth a new genre of music that demands beat, lyrical poetry, spliced sound and a form of Terpsichore which belongs to musical devotee color boys. More than lyrical beau people love thrill hip hop beat generates. Existence in a form of musical genre is desired answer by definition but a way of life, unorthodox living or everything street boys live for are true description of hip hop beat. In the vibration the boys seek bang driven by sensation running in nerve and millions belong to several organs of the world nurture their love for hip hop for beat thrill.
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 Unlike other form of music, lyrics don�t flow so spontaneously; it seems that lyric is over controlled motion or poetry gets boosted speed. Crunk music, gangsta rap or several sub-genres were sired and all of them are after boosting mood bringing party emotion. Crunk style picked southern influence that emphasizes dance entertainment in a party atmosphere. Hip hop beat of crunk tag manipulates the psychological weather of party by generating rhythm of movement on dance floors in a centre of crowd. Gang sta rap has a dark influence of gang star attitude. The tracks depicts life in ghetto with hard hip hop beat and effort to put intense vibration.
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 Hip hop beat canned ignorant gesture which was fostered by carnage to afro American community for years and decades . The cultural weather manipulated by beat magic took folks under the cloud generating extreme mood vibration. Hip hop beats rendered a great mood changing frequency that is waving in streets, parties, dj house and every where. As generation seeks rhythm desire of hip hop beat took more dramatic rise. This is a new world today that changes every today a lot. Revolutionized marketing strategy of internet put the beats on the web with more options understanding desirability of changing atmosphere. The price is set being matched to the frequency derived from desirability. The web beats have a great value for comfort mood and use of productivity.
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 There are lot of professional djs rising in several organs of the world. Indigencee to set legs on motion with hip hop rhythm bricks of professional art house in which old beats are used for new production. The story of hip hop journey is not colorful or interesting. Many hip hop lovers avert desire of knowing the names behind for expecting not so big names. Cultural revolution always sketches positive gesture of society and in the context off hip hop, it stood out. Now afro American culture is glorified which was never came under light till 70. Hip hop is an abstract canvas with vivid colors in which folks beyond push their effort to understanding.
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